Career Coaching

Most of us will have numerous jobs throughout our lifetime and many of us will transition to completely new careers one or more times.  I have personally been through the career development process several times during my career and have switched careers as a result of the process, creating a more satisfying life for myself.  I can testify personally, if you are not inspired by your current career or job or your current position is negatively impacting other areas of your life, it is time to make a change so you can thrive professionally and personally.  My specialization in career development will help guide and inspire you to make changes to create a better work life for yourself.  I also help with educational planning to ensure you are making the right educational choices based on your interests, skills and work values.

Resume and Cover Letter

Landing an interview today takes more than a basic cover letter and resume that outlines your experience, skills and education.  You have to brand and sell yourself to potential employers.  I create cover letters and resumes based on the job you are seeking and then match the company's needs to your experience and skills.  Both documents have to be skillfully crafted so your resume rises to the top of thousands of electronic submissions screened through applicant tracking systems.    Once your resume makes it to the hiring managers desk your resume has three minutes to get the hiring manager's attention to make a first impression.

Closing the Deal

A successful interview takes preparation and practice.  It is important to do a background and needs assesment of prospective companies so you can arrive ready to sell yourself as the solution to the company's challenges and improve their bottom line.  I can help you with body language, answering tough interview questions and final actions to close the deal and get the salary you are worth.

Next Steps...

Contact me to set up a complimentary 30 minute career consultation so I can help you set and achieve your career goals.